The California Academy of Cosmetic Surgery 18th Annual Meeting and Symposium in October 2016 was very successful. The course brought 26 distinguished national and international speakers and more than 80 participants. The speakers came from St. Louis, Oklahoma, Florida, Nevada, Texas, Arizona and of course California.

Practice management topics covered marketing, Accreditation, lawsuit protection and prevention and managing competition. During the body segment, Dr. Angelo Cuzalina spoke about buttock enhancements and Dr. Mike Nayak presented the aesthetics and anatomy of facial rejuvenation. Dr. Jason Emer, Dr. Robert Shumway and Dr. Peter Rullan performed live demonstrations of male contouring of the face/facial sculpting, lip augmentation and using three different fillers in different facial regions. Dr. Jeffrey Klein spoke about detumescent liposuction, tumescent drug delivery. The meeting also covered topics in mastopexy, TASBA, cosmetic breast repair and reconstruction and natural breast augmentation. Dr. Edward Zimmerman and Dr. Tess Mauricio spoke about autologous Lipocyte Micronized Injection, a new approach to long lasting volume with your own fat. Dr. Peter Jenkin spoke about non-surgical face and neck rejuvenation.

The participants included many experienced cosmetic surgeons, resulting in a high level of interchange of knowledge and collegiality. We had our lobbyist John Valencia talk about the importance of advocacy for our specialty.

Thank you to the rest of our Faculty:

Dr. David Angeloni
Dr. Andre Berger
Dr. Jacob Haiavy
Dr. Daniel Lensink
Dr. Todd Malan
Dr. David Mashhadian
Dr. Gabriel Patino
Dr. Filiberto Rodriquez
Dr. Michael Schwartz
Dr. Walter Tom